Water Jet Sweden AB

We cut precisely the products of any shape, in materials such as:

  • metals (carbon and alloy steel: construction, tool, stainless and acidproof steel),
  • cast iron, tytanium, aluminium, bronzes, copper, brass and no – metals,
  • stone (granite, marble, sandstone), ceramics,
  • glass,
  • composites, plastics,
  • and nonwovens, rubber, felt, paper and wooden plywood.

Precise machine of highest technology for waterjet cutting at high pressure. The manufacturer has over 30 years of experience in the production of CNC machines for water jet cutting.

Very high drive system precision due to the use of precision ballscrew gears and precision linear guides in Y and V axes and modern precision linear motor in the X-axis, which guarantees a very high precision and fast barren head travels.

ADVANTAGE: fast work, while maintaining high accuracy.

Company Water Jet Sweden is certified manufacturing SS-EN ISO 9001:2000
The CNC Water Jet control system provides a standard control system GE Fanuc. The control system is based on the ISO code standard.
Specifications for water jet cutting NC 3015 S machine:NC 3015 S

  • 1 x board control system GE Fanuc 31i
  • 1 x HMI “EDGECUT” environment
  • 1 x WJS-IGEMS Limited software
  • 1 x fixed cutter to abrasive water cut
  • 1 x constant height above the nozzle material sensor
  • 1 x zero spot laser locator
  • 1 x high pressure pump KMT (SLV PLUS), 50hp, 3.6L / min, 4137 bar.
  • 1 x CNC controlled axis Z.
  • The size of the cutting table (w. x l.): 3200 x 1750 mm
  • The cutting zone: 3010 x 1510 mm
  • X-axis movement 3010 mm
  • Y-axis movement 1510 mm
  • Z-axis movement (height): 250 mm
  • Positioning accuracy: + / 0.05 mm / 1000 mm
  • Repeatability: + / 0.025 mm
  • X axis feed rate: 30 000 mm / min
  • Y axis feed rate: 15 000 mm / min
  • Z axis feed rate: 5 000 mm / min