Medical products

Our offer includes the production of a variety of precise parts with acid-proof or titanium stainless steel, widely used in medical devices.

Parts to orthopedic and rehabilitation devices. Instrumentation for fixing and stabilizing the implants in accordance with client recommendation. We also use junctions of precious metals to ceramics, extending the life of the elements.


A completely new quality

The entire production process is controlled through a system of production management ERP SQL Hermes. The ERP system simplifies management of raw materials and delivery of production tools, it also enables to manage the production and work schedule in order to avoid unnecessary slacks.

The use of modern CAM hyperMILL software enables the optimization of processing parameters and speeds up the preparation of the numerical program and optimizes the machine processing.

Working on a 5-axis milling machine with the CNC Mazak Variaxis-700T turning function we optimize the process of parts’ manufacturing, saving time and money.

In case of large dimensions, the conformity of the manufacture is measured with the measuring arm Romer CMM RA-7520. The measuring range 2000mm, point 0.016 mm repeatability, accuracy, spatial ± 0.023 mm.


Launching innovative metal processing and manufacturing casting cores forms for ventilated brake discs with a system of heating the forms during the casting process. The project implemented under the Regional Operational Programme for Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020.