High flexible clutches

P.P.H.U. “PEGAS” is a manufacturer of a new type ofhigh flexible clutches whose design is based on the use of the high flexibility of the elastomer firmly connected with two steel flanges, which are directly or indirectly screwed to the hub to enable the transfer of connected components drive.
The clutch is designed in a way that allows to apply it to the most sophisticated drives, regardless of the distance between the engine and transmission imposed by the use of a different type of clutch.

Highly flexible clutch, thanks to elastomeric inserts makes the work of the drive unit equivalent, and what goes with it, increases appreciably its life span. Elastic element realizing the connection, deforms under load, which is essential when using drive system of asynchronous motors, enabling them light start by reducing significantly the bootable power.

Elastomer used in the clutches made by “PEGAS” is resistant to corrosive factors such as acids, alkalis, salts, steam, etc. Though it should be protected from direct exposure to oil, grease and gasoline. It is a very good thermal and electrical insulator. It can be used at very high temperature namely from -40 C to +100 C. It is flame-retardant and less susceptible to electrify, which allows the use of it in mine workings.

The basic advantages of our clutches are:
– Very high durability and reliability guaranteed,
– A short moment of inertia in relation to the transmitted torque
/ Compact design /
– Damping of torsional vibration and dynamic impacts ,
– Compensation of mutual set of cooperating devices inaccuracies,
– Easier start-up,
– Maintenance-free during operation,

Primary use:
– The combination of transmission with an electric or internal combustion motor,
– Driving and lifting cranes mechanisms,
– Pumps, compressors and fans drivers,
– generators,
– Rollers’ drivers in the rolling program types,
– Gear Replacements, eg .: Asch, Asg
– Replacements for other types of clutches, eg .: SP, SPP, SH, SE etc.
– Mining conveyors
– Construction machinery and equipment,
– Ship drivers.

The simplest clutch is equipped with one elastomer insert. The flexibility and the degree of attenuation in such cluth depends on the hardness of used elastomer.
Twice increased flexibility can be achieved by using two cylinders in series. Each of the inserts shuffles the total moment of the loading clutch.
Doubling the transmitted torque in relation to a clutch with a single insert is achieved by installing two inserts in paralel series. Each of the cylinders carries half of the load torque. For quick and easy replacement of the motor or clutch, interlocking rings was used.
The clutch has a stop angle of the relative rotation of the flange of the elastomeric inserts, designed to protect the system against the consequences of breaking the elastomer inserts, eg .: in lifting equipment, drive systems propellers, or protection of inserts from excessive overload.

When ordering, the clutch, it should be determined as accurately as possible the nature of the drive and the location of installation.
Approximate specifications designed to use the pre-selection of the clutch are contained in the table. Proper selection and design of the clutch will be determined during technical talks and bidding. Remember that properly selected clutch is a failure-free driver’s operation increasing its durability.